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Hello everyone, I’m very interested in learning how to write code, but I have zero knowledge. Can anyone tell me which program is best to learn for someone who doesn’t know a single thing?

11/25/2017 2:52:37 AM


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code something that you would like to use. A personal project that will require you to learn some programming languages to get the project finish. The benefits of this way is that you learn as you build an actual product.


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While doing your course there are some codes first try to do that. Later with the help of concepts knowledge try to code yourself


Before you decide on a language to learn, first decide on what you want to do or be based in. If its web development, I would suggest php or python If its mobile development, maybe Java(android) or use frameworks like React or Ionic. If its for mathematical purposes, go for python. If you intend to be a data science, go for python or R. If its embedded systems you like, then go for C or Python. If its enterprise softwares you want to be building, I would suggest C#(.NET framework). My point simply is that you should first decide on what you want to do before going for a language to learn, so you don't end up knowing so many languages but never mastered one.