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How to know a fake account on SoloLearn?

11/24/2017 11:54:18 PM

Mind To Machine 💻🕆

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@Mason Neville well i heard sololearners saying it got fake acounts


there was this thing about people using the app to mine cryptos about two months ago ... other than that some people use two accounts to mine xp in challenges or between users ... some spamers too ...but you don't really see much of that. I guess somebody who's low level + little or no posts +/- little or no codes +/- little or no skills ( as in sololearn profile skills ) would tend to indicate something's wrong ..


What do you mean by fake account ?


If you mean how to know a fake Facebook account then it's very simple. Just ask him/her for taking a selfie holding up 3 fingers(Don't ask for two because it's normal). If she refuse to send then you can say her "Goodbye bro ;D"