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Which do you think is better for graphics Java or Python?

Consider the following programs: Minecraft and Blender.

11/22/2017 8:34:35 PM


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Java, C#, and C++ are going to be your more logical choices. Python can make "games," but it's not the ideal language for such. I've very easily created a Minecraft clone for fun in Unity using C#. Easy as pie to make. if you check the thread you just posted prior to this one about Java and graphics, I posted an extensive amount of resources for you on it.


Cooki10: "Consider the following programs: Minecraft and Blender." Maybe my reading is off today, but I could have sworn in both threads you continuously mention Minecraft and told me to take it into consideration for my answers. As well, if you read all of the replies in that other thread, one of my posts also resolves around the graphics classes in Java, as well as graphic libraries that one can use to do whatever graphics they want. Both the game centered replies, as well as the graphic related replies, all have to do with handling graphics and would educate you on what you're wanting to do. Whether you're doing non-game graphics or game graphics, you're dealing with graphics to make it work.


both are bad for graphics


true but the question wasn't games. it was graphics. but thanks anyway for the resources.