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How do i do this guys ols help

write a program to read a customers name ,account balance at the beginning of the month,total deposited and total withdrawal for the month .a 5% tax is charged on all transactions print the customers opening and closing account balance and the amount of tax paid on the transaction for the month and also save same record to an output file

11/21/2017 1:14:29 PM

james Vega

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Interesting, you will may need more than sololearn for this I fear. I hope this helps though. You need 1. to setup a database for all data relating to the customer. 2. a script to take the customer's data and populate the database. 3. a script to retrieve the data of the customer from the database in the form you want it. 4. a script to structure and print the data in an organized form and another to output the data to file in either a pdf, txt, json etc, I assume pdf is what you want. If its going to be a web application, then i recommend pdf.js for that. As I said earlier, you may need more than sololearn for this project.