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Start Making Programs

What is the best way to start coding your own programs (games or websites)? I've completed JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, and Python courses from sololearn and codecademy, but the idea of coding from scratch is a little daunting. Any suggestions?

11/4/2016 6:03:01 PM

Hannah T

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Hi Hannah, i understand. It is like when you try swimming the first time, will you be good or will you sink... Well, in order to make sure that you have success. Please understand that you should not give up in any circumstance or during any problem you may come across. First you need to decide whether its games or websites, lets go with websites. Second you will need a good text editor, try Sublime Text for java script or Idle for Python. Third you will need the sites of the programming languages you will use to reference their documentation, these will explain the terminology each language has. Once you have a basic setup sorted. Try recreating the most easy examples of the content you learned on here on your own. Once grasped, naturally you will start to think about how you could potentially apply logic etc. For websites, look into learning a front-end stack in the following order: *By the way, a front-end stack just means languages that are super useful together, think of it like a recipe for a perfect dish! 1. HTML, HTML 5. 1.1 - DOM. 2. CSS, CSS3. 2.1 - LESS OR SASS. 3. JAVASCRIPT. 3.1 - JQUERY OR ANGULARJS OR REACTJS. More information at similar questions I answered earlier on: "How to think like a developer?" "How do you get as a developer?" :) happy deving


wow, thanks this was really helpful!


I think you can start writing simple daily apps like to do list or something else. After that, if you want to be a front-end developer you can start with making templates with html, css, javascript and jquery. and if you want to be a back-end developeryou can learn working with Django (python web framework) and also php, ruby on rails (ruby web framework) and so on. After that you can start making your own cms