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Sololearn MATLAB course?

Guys! don't you think sololearn should introduce a MATLAB course. I think we would get to meet the embedded community as well. Also the upcoming IOT trend will be more popular and brainstorming on such trends will yield interesting ideas. Or should sololearn make another application for Embedded community! Just a thought!😁 Comment your views! 😀 and don't forget to upvote😉

11/19/2017 9:23:22 AM

Sagar Wankhede

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I agree with you. In my opinion a Matlab course could be interesting. People who don't want to follow the course are not forced to do it.


So what😑 Its a choice no one is forced to complete​ every single course on sololearn. There are people who seek for this!


Bro matlab plus autocad should be introduced in sololearn




Do you speak Ukraine


leson java plus


For what? Have to much another courses, languages.