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Hi everyone) Using Bottstrap 4 grid for creating adaptive web-sites. May U recommend me good alternative this framework?

11/18/2017 2:34:03 PM

Aleksej Donchuk

7 Answers

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Now I using v4.0.0-beta.2 and early coding with v.3. And wonld like to know maybe somebody using some alternative? Maybe somebody using smartgrid or zurb? Is it worthwhile to switch to them? Or modern bootstrap 4 is very cool?


thanks, i'll see it)


Javier Marín, materialize.css looks like bootstrap))) much components is the same onle change the sintax. May u tell me some dignity of materialize. css under bootstrap 4 which based in flexboxes?


Thanks guys) I know bootstrap well but would like to know maybe is a better framework?


w3schools is a good place to learn about Bootstraps


materialize.css Google style. Easy to use. Try it out πŸ˜€