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C++ or Python?

So I started learning c++ (my 1st programming language BTW) some few weeks ago and I got a bit lost and then I came across a group of programmers who recommended that I learn python rather cus that's what's widely used atm and it's a bit easier to understand. Who's got this experience before? Care to share?

11/16/2017 11:29:17 PM

Emmanuel Garbrah

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https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/854588/?ref=app my advise go with python


I’d say do whichever one you are most comfortable with, I️ hear mostly that people who are newer to programming typically choose the Python route due to easier to understand language. Me on the other hand I️ started out at a University learning c++ so that has always been my best understanding. Just choose what makes you happy and determined.


Java 🥇🎂 c++ 🥈🍰 Python 🥉🍒 🤗


c++ is always the best beginner programming.i have reason for this that is.....the most important for coding is algorithm....many basic algorithm will be skipped by some inbuilt functions in python as well as ruby.so,that u lag in writing algorithms...but c++....99% of cases algorithm with specific syntax is our code... remember,if u lag in writing algorithms many advanced concepts like datastructures you cannot learn.so,start with c++..


they are very different languages. Actually you cannot compare these two. But, as an answer, C++ for me.


I love python, but if you are limiting yourself to 1 language, you should choose it based on what you intend to do. what are your goals in your programming adventures?




Eagleyez, Earlier you wrote: "Actually I don't wanna learn so many programming languages. What I wanna do is to develop standard phone/web apps let's say next year by this time. So that's my aim." const int MOBILE_APP_DEV = 1; int main() { int goal = MOBILE_APP_DEV; If (goal == MOBILE_APP_DEV ) { cout << "Java for mobile applications"; } else { cout << "Javascript, HTML, CSS and (most likely) SQL for web development."; } }


python is more suitable for newbies


If you want a long term career in computer science, then I think it is important to gain a solid foundation in data structure, algorithm design and object orientated programming. It is worth studying C++ despite it being a more challenging language to learn. On the other hand, if you want to quickly launch a project in web or data analytics, you should select Python since the syntax is easy to grasp, and lots of support from 3rd party systems ( API, libraries ) While we are on this thread, if you are leaning towards the 1st option, I would recommend Java instead of C++ due to a better language specification. Additionally, with Java, you should be well equipped to progress into a more commercial environment such as Android ( java ), IOS ( Objective C & Swift ), Web Programming ( Java 2, J2EE )


well they are both giant languages,and I really don't believe one outbetters the other ,but the truth be told,python is more widely used than c++!But it's your personal will to decide which language you love better😇


don't get confused go for c++ first and then go for python as c++ will build a base for you to learn all the programming languages u want to learn in future.....and then if you want build some beast programs then go for java or python.....go for c++ if u r a total beginner....


I started off with python at a university then learned C++ . Python is an easier base to understanding C++. It help me transition from simplicity of Python coding to complexity of coding with abstraction of C++.


I picked Python, just for the simplicity of it. Your first programming language will be the one that teaches you a basic understanding that can be used to learn nearly any programming language. Just pick the one you're the most comfortable with and don't commit yourself to one programming language like @Joker mentioned.


I love c++ becoz it is a basic of object and class how toh declare and create a program if you know the c++ then it becomes more easily to understand other Language


@joker Actually I don't wanna learn so many programming languages. What I wanna do is to develop standard phone/web apps let's say next year by this time. So that's my aim.


I like the variety of thoughts and views. I've picked what I want thx for y'all input...


1. In Principle, C++ is a "statically typed" language, while Python is a "dynamically typed" language. 2. In Practice, C++ is "faster" than Python, C++ is typically a "compiled" language while Python is typically "interpreted" language. 3. Python is more concise than C++, Smaller code size for the same task leads to "rapid prototyping" and this is partly why one would use something like Python when speed of development is important.


Of course c++, because java,c# and many more languages are descendant of c. And in future it will be easy to move on other c family languages.