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User preference for programs + more...

I asked a question earlier about what program I should use and that raised more questions: - A lot of different programs were offered as advice. Is this based on the preference of the individual users, should I be more specific about what my potential app should be able to perform or are all of these programs able to create the same kind of app? - I've started the C++ basic course. Is this a good basis to start from? - What are reliable websites to review other people's code and what their code can do?

11/15/2017 10:48:40 PM

Joeri Blomberg

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1.)many people prefer net beans as their compiler for their code, I often use it and it has many useful correction and text predictions features 2.)C++ is a good place to start from, but in my opinion java is somewhat easier due to some simplifications that you will see later on in coding 3.)StackOverflow is a good site where programmers can ask questions, share code, and more. For reviewing people’s code Github is useful for downloading it or working on collaborative projects