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Smart Code or Clean Code ?

Which code is preferable ? The one which is smartly written in somewhat shorter way or the one which is clean (indentations , spacing ) but comparatively bigger ?

11/15/2017 1:50:20 PM

Aayush Bhansali

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Clean code is better, code is not good if it can't be easily read


Thank You All For Your Advice ☺


Clean code. I only use smart code for short codes.


Clean Code to try to understand better


clean code with smart mind


We are humans, so the clean and readable code is significantly better to understand. Keep it close as possible to the language conventions.


In short, a programmer who writes clean code is an artist who can take a blank screen through a series of transformations until it is an elegantly coded system. ✔✔✔


Clean ofCourse


In a personal project, smart code in a public project, clean code


I think you have a little misconception... clean code does not mean they will be larger... instead, code clean involves programming short functions and avoiding repetitions, put simply, write less, better and human readable... therefore it also involves what you consider smart. I recommend you “Clean Code” by Robert C. Martin!!