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What is your favored front-end language?

TypeScript? CoffeeScript? Ecma6?

11/7/2017 2:55:37 PM

Etay Cohen-Solal (ET)

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jQuery *EDIT* Since some people don't realize jQuery is an extension of JavaScript, it's an extension of JavaScript, but with better syntax and features. For front-end programming, I prefer jQuery over JavaScript and jQuery is more than able to completely replace having to use vanilla JavaScript.


@stn My apologies, I should have said I prefer "jQuery JavaScript" over "Vanilla JavaScript" because that's how developers talk about them. lol The last thing I would want anyone to believe is that I prefer JavaScript over jQuery, because vanilla JavaScript is trash in comparison. There was no mistake to what I said, nor is there any reason for one to specify "Vanilla JavaScript" and "jQuery JavaScript," because people know the difference between the two and recognize what they are. To make you happy though, I provided more information in my original post for anyone that is just hearing what JavaScript and jQuery are for the first time.


JavaScript. @Netkos jQuery is not a language, it's a JavaScript library.


Whaaats going on... Question about languages... In options we have 2 languages built on JS and JS standart... What should I choise? Js?or maube JS with syntax sugar? Or maybe other JS from microsoft? People are talking about JS library... I dont even know...


For the moment I've almost done only Javascript but still I really really like this language 👍😊


Jquiry, Javascript