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50k notifications

i get 50k notification on sololearn logo. i never open any notifications.

11/5/2017 4:29:11 PM

Kunal Kumar

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Thats absurd... the max limit shown is 99+... °_°


400*100 notifications in the night ~900*100 notifications in the day Plus maybe 2000 notifications in my first few days, which might be much more. You mean I get more than 130k notifications in my lifetime from sololearn?


Nomeh==unhealthy lifestyle?


@Nomeh it's not healthy


@Pegasus, I envy you. You still get an 8 hour sleep😢


It's rare. I usually get 5. Even then, still 400 notifications


I have a really busy life with my 2667 posts, you'll never realise I get 400+ notifications after a ~8 hour sleep


go to Home >>> Click on the bell in the right side >> Click on three dots (options) > Mark all as read.


I get less than 50 😃😃😃


mine would have been 1m+ if I don't open them


my sleep info min: 50mins max: 3.5hrs


yeah @Yerucham, my head is swollen with daily fever because of my project.


I have 99+ daily