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Another Color for Moderators

1) the moderator badge is same as gold status 2) it obscurs platinum level just a redesign asked ^^

11/2/2017 5:24:37 PM

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

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gold moderator badge looks more good than platinum status☺


@Kartikey 1st step: Become additcted to SoloLearn, try to hang out here as often as possible. 2nd step: Help the community as good you can. 3rd step: Be nice to beginners and answer at least ten times the questions "Which language should I start with?" and "What are the SL certificates worth?" without cussing or rolling your eyes. And after that answer the same questions daily. 4th step: Wait until SoloLearn notices your good work. And then for a while longer. You need a lot of patience.


Unlike gold and platinum, the frame and badge is sophisticatedly made from nice Armenian String Cheese. Can't really complain.


Oh yeah, being banned might be an issue ;)


Methinks SL devs have larger issues to deal with. I'm fine with changes (or lack of changes) to the design. You can always submit a feedback to SL. :>


(When i got platinum i was annoyed a bit cuz it looked like silver to me... Im happy it's golden now!... ^_^)


Plus it's a crown icon, not a star 😏


if it wasn't this color, we wouldn't be "gold" mods! I think theres a solution to this: add rank color as the outer ring


@Tashi you forget about the most important part: 5th) Don't do anything to get banned! 😎


Oh, we do have a shiny round frame over our profile pics, too 😜


Yeah, I'm having a hardtime identifying them πŸ˜… it would be nice if the outer ring (like @JFS_Animion proposes :D) and/or the crown were the same color as platinum, it would make it stand out a little bit more 😊


@Tashi N, We are already addicted to sololearn ;)


as well as carefully researched to confound evolutionary quadrupeted creatures, moulded on the very same armenian mould-infested cheese (which the french assure of it's quality) that gold status badge is based on.


Gold moderator gets gold, that's logic. You don't expect gold moderator to get a red-coloured badge, which could've been expected if it was "senior moderator" instead :)


@Tashi N Thanks. I'll try these steps.


@Ace @Tashi I will take care for that πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š


@Tashi N, point 3, to be nice is manageable, but 10 times answering those infamous questions is like sooo difficult, maybe one need to find their "infinite loop mode" and switch it on for that :) Good points though,


maybe i was off sl for a while. just seeing those gold for mods is really similar to normal gold.


I want a new badge for me ;) jokking. but if would be really good if we can recongize mods clearly


What should I do to be a mod?