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To all coders

If anything get wrong with your plans, as a good programmer, follow this steps: 1) Sit down; 2) Debug; 3) Find the error and fix it; 4) Do again; 5) Repeat steps 1,2, 3 and 4. Until you achieve. Never give up, code is life, is funny, is needed!😎

10/30/2017 7:10:02 PM

Bruno Anastacio

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I usually test out the program regularly as I progress and print outputs in every major functions so bugs are quite easy to locate. I don't usually write unit tests too. I don't know the point of them other than to let others in your team know their code aren't spitting out the correct output.


Dont forget having patience.


my goal is to keep debugging to a minimal because it kills productivity. It doesn't mean my code is of lesser quality though.


When anything get wrong with my code the first thing I try while I see all the code that I wrote it's cry :'D


How do you debug in eclipse


how to draw a table in java


1) sit on a broken chair with a broken pc broken speakers and broken mouse and broken keyboard and a disaster monitor. full hard drives . an old grandmother board . 2)code and debug 3)be sure you will never find the error with option 1 conditions 4)light up a cigarette and look at the deepest darkest horizens of youre f***in useless life .