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I want to make a stock market app need help

I'm not that skilled so I need experienced coders that know multiple languages also need facebook ages 15-25

10/31/2016 10:45:02 AM


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i would recommend you to first learn better programming, before developping an app for the stock market


You should try : 1) make an idea 2)try to solve it 3)try to find solutions firstly by yourself as you would do as a programmer 4) or discous that with someone Who is more experienced... 5)maybe you will find than someone Who would like to work on something with you... :)


you're more likely to find advanced concepts on Stack overflow.


I want to start a team of coders u guys seem great


fronz-Tec I'm finding it hard to learn python any tips


Many times hiring a team of developers is costly so your best bet if you would like to do this alone is to: 1. Plan out what you want your app to do. You should plan out an infrastructure for the app. In your case, this would include researching about the stock market. 2. Do some research on what is the best language for your type of app 3. Spend A LOT of time learning the language (this can take months) 4. Create the app when you have a lot of experience with the language you plan to use (this can take months before a release)


If you have enough money the problem can be easy solved. If you want otherwise then it became much difficult to you. You need first idea and documentation for the project, Seo content, quality pictures - it can be frustrating and long process. Easier way is to learn configuring WordPress plugins and give a shot with this one. Or some other Cms system.