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Okay I'll try to explain at my best.. I need something like..to create a search paragraph where I can put any code(mu chosen codes for diffrent reaults) under the search paragraph I need a submit button..okay the whole thing is, I would like to create when I enter this code into the paragraph and I click submit i would like to keep the same page but to comes a mesaage like pop-up or any photo..or something like this, If you didn't understood me, I will give an example.. Example: Like the bet sites..You have CHECK TICKET STATUS When you lress that yoy have a paragraph for entering a code example: Enter the code from your betting slip: 394712 Submit. and when you click a submit it comes a pop-up or a new page Cogratulations your ticket is win. i need exactly same like this one..just check it out and you will see exactly what I need..by the way thanks for helping me ------------------------------------- TO CHECK THE TICKET CODES www.bettoday365.com 3321-399594395-2588 -----------------------------------

10/30/2016 10:26:24 PM

Миле Стоев

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do u want to create pop up box or message box?


i want to create result box from the code i entered, as I described example: Congratulations you have win, and the games, time of playing, the tip i played and the odds and stake in box


you should learn javascript.In Javascript, We can make alert message box,pop up window and more.