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is it possible to see Game solutions after Game?

Is there any way to see what i have done wrong during a game session? Furthermore it would be cool to see at least the Game questions just to run them for my own to see its output :-)

10/28/2017 3:44:22 PM


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oh man. i'm sorry. hope some ios user drop us a line on this.


Thx i‘ll try


There‘s just the summary, but where can i find the question and it‘s answer


Hi Gustav, i‘m using sololearn for iOS, it seems there is no „view correct answers button“ |-( After a Game i have a look on that Game summary and i can see me, the opponent, our Levels and the question summary an which of them were answered right or wrong with Little red or Green icons. But there is no more Option to See the answers :-/ Even if i scroll up or down


yep. scroll down if you don't see it


you need to click view correct answers, amigo.