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Does anyone used Facebook's Graph API?

I want to read(GET) my posts/comments/likes and display them differently (in design matters) and also be able to post new things by reading from a document. If you have any useful links, articles or videos I would appreciate if you share with me. P.S.: I want to do it with JS.

10/24/2017 7:23:19 AM

Aaron Sarkissian

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@Preshkid yes. I want to create an app for my FB page and automatically post some articles every few hours. Right now I'm reading FB's documentation, I will try to write some code tomorrow.


@Preshkid Are you talking about the Access Token? If yes then hit the info button (right side of the token, it's blue) and go to "Open in Access Token Tool", feom there at the bottom there is a place which says "Extend Access Token" you are welcome 😃


yea , you need to know yours?


okay. sometimes my api expires every 24hrs don't really Know how to stop that


You can change the expiry time of your apis by taking the permissions from the user again.