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About your JOB or your DREAM JOB

Hello community, I would like to know about what do you do currently or what do you want to do in the future. I want to know how many of you 1 - Where do you work (Company and Country): 2 - What language do you use to code usually: As I said, please, specify if you are doing actually or it's which you want to do in the future. Thanks.

10/22/2017 8:03:05 AM


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Hey Daniel! I'm still a student at the Software University in Bulgaria. I'm a C sharper for now but I'll expand to java pretty soon. I've had my fair share of HTML and CSS programming because I've been a part of a bunch of projects including them plus I've finished the courses here which were some good training. I generally wanna be either in the mobile app development or the website back-end management in the future. ^^


I'm A Nigerian ,still a student and I write Php codes currently with laravel framework I have big ideas but limited time and resources ,in the future I hope to become add to the growth of technology In the world and ease peoples daily life activities with my codes


I'm a Singaporean. I am passionate about Astronomy and want to study deep about it. I am also quite keen about coding so I will probably fund my Astronomy dream with my coding passion