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How to make banner for advertising using css

banner advertising

10/20/2017 4:40:35 PM

Shelly Kapoor

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Well, all you have to do is start by building its structure with HTML then style it with CSS. However, that's not suggested because of two main reasons: - The banner quality will be VERY bad and not scalable because you will get it via capturing a screenshot from your HTML/CSS banner. - Not easy to edit/add things as you are working with HTML elements and it is not that easy to manipulate them together to create a good banner. In your case, it is recommended to use Photoshop/Illustrator instead of using HTML/CSS coding. Hope you find this helpful 😉



If you mean how to make a space where you can desplay adds across the top of your screen there are multiple ways of doing this. The first is simply to have a PHP API to serve the add which you enbed in your page. This could be a security hazard if not monitored because those paying to desplay add may inject harmful PHP scripts. The second is to present the add in image or video format with specified dimensions.