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Increment and decrement simplified

i dont get how post fix and pre fix works pls explain :(

10/27/2016 10:56:54 AM

Deneb Ho

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++n increments n, then evaluates it (pre-inctementation). n++ evaluates n, then increments it (post-incrementation). They are both equivalent to n=n+1 by themselves, the difference is when they are used in an expression. int a = 1; int b = ++a; cout << a << endl; //prints 2 cout << b << endl; //prints 2 a = 1; b = a++; cout << a << endl; //prints 2 cout << b << endl; //prints 1


• ++i means “increment i immediately,” while i++ means “use the old value of use the old value of i for now, but for now, but increment i later.”