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Sololearn 1.6 beta update!!

Omg! Sololearn is amazing! Algorithm, Advance courses everything! Info from Play store:- ★ Learn section completely re-imagined! New looks, new content! Data Structures, Algorithms, Machine Learning, and many more new topics added! Learning topics and collections will be refreshed periodically. Create new lessons using the Lesson Factory, share your knowledge, get recognized! ★ With the next update, we will enable comment notifications and show your creations in your feed.

10/19/2017 4:34:22 PM


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yes 👍🤗


Now, that's what we were waitin' for! * We now have a smaller font-size, too.


This is the preview of new looks of Sololearn courses they added search box and bookmark in the courses I got e-mail from sololearn


with this update, others will stop saying "SoloLearn don't have advanced courses" or "SoloLearn only have basic course".


Can anyone please tell me how to become a Sololearn beta tester ???


still they have a way to go... this can be a good alternative for 400-1500$ books go on SL team, go on


@Swapnil : try sending a mail to them,they may approve. I too didn't know but got a email yesterday to try it😋


Thanks for the info! Can't wait to see it live~ 😄


I've updated my Android app to v1.6 but didn't see any new features you've mentioned. 😭


Yeah ! ^_^🎉


@Kapil : be patient and wait. ☺ And also don't give your personal information here(such as email,phone number)


@Zephyr all new features only for beta tester


Zephyr Koo : its 1.6 beta not 1.6


I just now became a beta tester. The new update is awesome!!


@Oma : Evidence :-


@Oma still those are just basics


ooohh...😮 When? I can't wait..🙌


Guys , I think now we should not post spammy comments like thanks, you're great sololearn instead post solutions to tasks only


@Utkarsh it's still beta. You can't try that version yet unless you're a beta tester


@Kapil Ask Sololearn politely through mail , they will then decide whether to give it to you or not