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Comment master badge

"leave 5 comments with at least 5 upvotes for each" I did it, sure, and even with 7 comments which have more than 10 upvotes each, I don't have the badge... why ?

10/18/2017 12:45:27 PM


8 Answers

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Common bug... Wait a few days or report it through feedback (that's what i did...)


"a few days" ==> one month XD ok I will report it, thanks :)


wait, I'm watching all of your comments with my tricks


where you made the comment, in lesson/quiz or in code?


you have 6 comment on lesson/quiz with more than 5 upvotes


in lessons, in all


and so I must have the badge ?


it depend on you. comment master badge will give 10xp or 20xp for you (if it not wrong)