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Excessive Downvotes

I realize there are numerous Q&A threads on the subject, but I thought I would share an email I sent to [email protected] (posted as a comment because of the 512 character restriction in questions). I'll post any reply I receive.

10/17/2017 8:42:06 PM

David Ashton

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Add a downvote counter for every member which keeps track of the number of downvotes this member gives and is visible on the members profile 🤗 Create a toplist of members with highest downvotes numbers. This will expose them 😁


[email to [email protected]] I'm wondering if there is a way to determine whether excessive downvotes originate from a bot or a single account or a group of related accounts. My code https://code.sololearn.com/cFmyLBC41lAq/?ref=app has received 23 downvotes so far. While this doesn't particularly bother me and the code has received over 80 upvotes, I do know that some learners find this to be rather disheartening. In my view whatever benefits there may be of permitting unrestricted anonymous downvotes are outweighed by the detriment of the discouragement of the learners. In order of priority, I would like to see these changes in a future version of SL: 1.  No downvotes feature at all. 2.  No anonymous downvotes. 3.  Anonymous downvotes only by Level 10 and above. Thank you for your consideration. David Ashton https://www.sololearn.com/Profile/3286769/?ref=app


Glad it was resolved. those people had it coming. It's better those people without goodwill, towards others were banned. just a improvement to your level based anonymous downvotes. change it to skills based system (getting past level 10 with challenges is easy ). if you ask me there should be no anonymous down votes so users will need to think twice before down voting.


@ ~swim~ i know it does not tell much. i just said i like Nim's suggestion. i say they should be shown just like upvotes so we know those troll/bully who downvote without any valid reason, just for spite & so. on github there is the option to choose emoji it would be better than downvotes i say.


@dplusplus " Maybe we need an option that only if we report something, it gets downvoted automatically. That would fix everything. " that will partially fix things. it will be indirect downvote. people will start to spam reports at least users from the app. i like NimWing Yuan's suggestion downvotes should be shown so people become self conscious about it & anyone can spot a troll downvoter.


@ Lord Krishna, a little bit late, but some great answers and a great idea (the smileys or emoji)


@~swim~ # Edited # i merely said i like that suggestion not implement it. it was not serious, that user's answer, mine included. i just checked it on github all those emoji are shown in different categories with vote count like for thumbs up, down, laugh. i'm not going to show anything on your profile... votes system can be like github where upvotes & downvotes are shown differently so we know the trolls from the valid downvoters. is this clear now?


Sorry to hear that David.. That's some great suggestions and I hope they can really listen to you. Haters gonna hate. 😵


I agree with Vengat. When you think better about it, the only justified use of downvotes would be in those cases which are also reportable (if the code is plagiarism, report for the plagiarism, if the post is spam, report for spam, if the post is insulting, report for inappropriate itc) which leaves us with downvotes actually mostly being used to (try to) bully someone or troll or be spiteful... All very nasty things if you ask me. 😋 Maybe we need an option that only if we report something, it gets downvoted automatically. That would fix everything.


@David take the downvotes as upvotes. To understand why your code is haute cuisine, one needs some experience. So for beginners this code might be frustrating. Indeed the idea of granting rights depending on level seems to be the right answer. Maybe it will take some more time for 100 upvotes for your code. But dont forget, Sololearn is a game. Within this game badges and xp are important. But 20 cm beside your Monitor it is a null pointer. Anyhow it is a great game which has meaning for many of us. It is worth to defend it against those who think, being destructive will be honored with attention.


As promised, here is SL's prompt reply: Thanks for reaching out. We have detected some intentional downvotes to your creations. The users are already blocked. We are working to improve the community voting system now. Hope this will fix the issue, meanwhile please report suspicious cases. Best, Armina SoloLearn Inc. www.sololearn.com


Thanks Oma, As I said in my email, I'm not really bothered by downvotes, but I know some people find them quite discouraging. I hope nobody quits SL because of getting downvotes.


I am for downvoting with reason (must be mandatory) no matter at what level the person is. If you can't provide a reason for downvote, then you are acting randomly, you are acting as per your whimps and fancies, you are probably a moody egoistic troll ! Anonymous voting for level 10 and above - Reaching level 10 is not really difficult. You play challenges for a month and very likely you are through (level 10 and beyond). PS: "you" is generic


If it's because your code is bad, it would've been acceptable, but all your codes are 👌, so this is good to report. Yeah, jsut remove the downvotes, if you don't like something just don't upvote it. Simple!


on the other hand... downvotes are a tool against "trolls". i usually tend to downvote qustiones like "i will be born next year...can i start coding yet now?"


Thanks Pegasus (or is it Vengat 😉)


@Lord Krishna, Displaying the downvote count is not an indicator of whether the person is a troll or not. If i am downvoting frequently for the right reasons, my downvote count given will be high. It appears that allowing downvoting requires lots of scenarios to be taken into account, perhaps the best solution would be to remove it totally.


@oma ... ha ha😂


@Lord Krishna, I don't know how showing the emoji can help? Say i use thumbsdown emoji for 2-3 randomly selected post without providing a valid reason, then what are you going to show in my profile. And if those thumbsdown given for valid reasons then what are you going to show in my profile?


@Lord Krishna, I too was just asking how emoji can help here. The point you have mentioned in second para (vote count) is what i wanted to draw your attention to