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Html and CSS

Html an CSS is all that we need for front end development. Right? Then, what is the role of Javascript.

10/16/2017 4:53:24 AM


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HTML and CSS are not only required for front end development. Take for example, We will represent a Web page and a Human being... In web pages. HTML is actually the structural building of a web page which is lile the skeleton while in Human beings, Skeletons contains bones. These structural builds cant do anything of their own. In web pages, CSS is the designs given to the web pages like font colors, text sizes, background images/colours, positioning and lots more while in human beings, flesh is added to the skeleton, like skin colour, size of ears, length of nails, eye color, how big of small the nose should be. To top it up, you wear them cloths of different designer wears. In lowest term, Javascript actually means giving life so that actions can be performed. In web pages, javascript gives life to the pages so that it can function according user's desired events like clicking a button to send command, responding to a page that is interactive without reloading the full page and lots more when you go deep into javascript libraries. in human beings, giving life to it can now make it start talking, walking, running, eating and lots more.


I'm not sure what you mean by 'rent end development', but if you're asking about the role of Javascript in programming, "it is used to add interactivity to webpages, process data, as well as create various applications (mobile apps, desktop apps, games, and more)" according to the overview in SL's Javascript course. I apologise if this isn't the answer that you were looking for.


Can you handle very simple things like; Button Click, Scroll Event, Mouse Movement, by Html and Css??? No. JavaScript is the most important part of web development, because it can program your web making it interactive and unique.


when you make an advanced projects you will make websites dynamic and it is most popular language


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