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Reset Progress?

What happens when you reset progress? Obviously you have to do that section again but what does it do to xp? I was thinking about doing HTML over just so I am more fluent and do more from memory as to referring to notes. Do people do this? I dont want to rack up more xp from doing a course I have already completed becouse I feel like that would be cheating. On the same hand i'm not in a big hurry to be demoted either. Anyone ever Reset Progress?

10/12/2017 2:08:42 PM


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"Reset Progress" removes the progress for a specific course but gives you the XP decrease as well. Hence there's no need to reset your course' progress, instead, start off again.


When you want to learn, don't consider xp. I reseted my C++ code for the same reason. BTW, it reduces your xp to 0 for that language


No reachievement xp will not be added... .the xp's which you gain by completing the modules will disappear when you reset progress.....the xp's that you gain by challenges and others will remain forever.....


Is the reachievement XP (new one) counted then?