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Join me to let Sololearn team know about pvp !

There's a big need for new questions in the pvp challenge database. Same ones are coming back again and again, not covering all the lessons. And : There are no xp awards when you submit a question and it's validated (only badges). There should be ! Users would get motivated. Vote if you agree with me. let's try to get it heard ( if only the SL team looks at the Q/A ... but I hope so)

10/12/2017 11:36:56 AM


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I'm agree with you


Good ! thanks for info luka ! I'll do it now.


I just wrote an email now to the team, I'll let you know here if they send me an answer.


And ... they replied really quick ! Here is their answer : "Thanks for reaching out. You only get XPs when you unlock a badge for 20 and 100 quizzes accepted. That’s how it works now. We’ll consider your suggestion to give XPs for creating a new quiz. Best, Armina SoloLearn Inc." We just have to wait and hope !