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is here no courses for the Framework .Net for C# or for VB

10/11/2017 11:53:27 AM

Naiim Khaskhoussi

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This is a good tutorial for ASP.NET MVC: This is good tutorial for ASP.NET MVC with Entity Framework: I advise doing both of these, in this order. I have been formally trained on ASP.NET MVC and I have completed both of these tutorials out of curiosity of their quality. If you have any questions on MVC or Entity Framework, feel free to ask. An easier place to discuss such things is this SoloLearn Slack team I created. You (and anyone else) can join here, if you'd like: Join my Slack workspace!


@Khaskhoussi Naiim You're welcome


0 or anything advance in any course is not in sololearn because all the devs and ciders will want their topics to be in solo learn such as c# programmers will request unity 3d , visual studio and other library learning while the python and ruby devs will request their library to added in solo it only teaches us about the compiler level knowledge and language everything you could then proceed to a website or other app (if built) for your libraries