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Polluted SL

Disclaimer : anyone who reads it agrees or not,I dont care. If offended report me,still dont care. Once upon a time when SL was great where people came to learn (still do) but all was peaceful till useless dumb trends started and for some reason community gave it a warm welcome and now SL community is losing its meaning. All would be lost if the mods gave up and left. What I wont get how obviously dumb questions start trending and good questions ignored. Little request from me : dont pollute SL any further

10/7/2017 6:45:05 AM

Mubashir Ahmed

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I think we must take this thread seriously. Our quality as a learning software as a whole will diminish if we don't take action right now. Mods/Admin, this can be a reminder call for doing away with such posts that do not provide for learning. For sake of Solo learners, community must take adequate measures that restrict such useless posts to minimum. We do have celebration thread for all above mentioned purposes.


We should start enforcing StackExchange rules here :/


I remember meharban singh at that time I was new in sololearn 😇 I agree with [email protected] Penguin 👍


(`-`) Yes.


I agree maybe create a rating system for excellent questions , answers : 5 stars and dumb questions 5 teardrops


agreed.even i remember those days when i came here wth great curiosity to learn new things and my posts were only about programming and such ones. But now, i've lost...thanks for this warning msg. Lets together make sl as it was before. Happy coding!


I miss those pretty good days with less spams and nonsense QA was mostly of programming/coding doubts but later its become impossible for mods to look at every post because Number of users increasing Each day That's the reason they are looking for more mods this is a good initiative u taken bruh Letz all hope for quality community as it was before


I totally love cleaning up Chernobyl with a broom. ✅


If only there can be a code that assesses the relevance of a post to sololearn. The problem is that the new wave of sololearners are the ones that are doing this.


true Vengat. I agree


@A penguin hmmm...u r right. And that many of the active users have stopped sololearning...i think its due to all these


agreed :-) Thats why I left sololearn 2 months ago, I rejoined about 15 hours ago :0


exactly truee dnt pollute sl...we humans spare nthg😂😂air water everythg polluted..


Thanks APenguin


@Penguin I was drawn to this post because of its unique title! Maybe if they care for SL, they will!


Sorry, but as far as I can remember trending dumb questions/jokes was always a common thing on SL. That's why I prefere the comments section of the codes to the Q&A


Rights @ 🐧 Many Question which are not important gets top on trends.. especially which are in favour of sololearn., Congratulary posts often eliminates programming related posts. Many questions are asked can easily be searched on search engines. We have to take this matter seriously, great discussion!!


We should have a way to have fun here, and get serious about coding here.


I dunno, I always remember it being like this


#include "PollutedSL" #include "Cleaner " #include <iostream> using std::cout; int main() { PollutedSL SLpollutants("dumb sl questions"); Cleaner VacuumCleaner(); VacuumCleaner.absorb(SLpollutants); cout<<cleaner.reset(); return 0; } //output message : SL pollutants deleted, they pose no threats to the SL community.