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Android compilers: QPython vs QPython3

I just want to chose the best one, but I need help.

10/4/2017 8:00:05 PM

Arthur Maillard

3 Answers

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QPython is Python 2.x. Lots of people still use Python 2, just not for running codes on SoloLearn. QPython3 is Python 3.x; SoloLearn also runs a 3.x release. "Best" is subjective; my answer assumes you want to contribute/learn at SoloLearn.


Elaborating... do you have some things you imagine doing? Simple, silly or magnificent, that'll help people suggest paths. The right answer to this question is in line with where you see yourself happily going (and if your regional environment is mostly Python 2, that might matter).


I simply want to have something which can help me to apply what I am learning about Python.