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Discussion Starter's Problems

Let's say that you have a problem, you post your problem on the Q&A forms and after five days, you finally get an answer. Why does it take so long? Because more people are paying their time to discussions, not questions. People who have real questions about coding are being overcast-ed by people who just want to get upvotes and comments. One way to solve this is that SoloLearn makes another tab just for discussions. Another way to solve this is for the people who want to start discussions put a 'discussion' tag on your post. Until this problem is solved, try to answer one person with a real question every time you are online.

10/2/2017 10:40:06 PM


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I'll try, but only if you promise to go and answer anyone's question now. You haven't answered any question here yourself :D Btw, please check the 'unanswered' filter on Q&A every once in a while.