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Short version: Where can I find some ideas of programming projects for beginners? Long version: I downloaded this app because I thought it would be fun to learn a modern programming language and maybe even useful someday. I use a lot of open source software and at least some of them use Python, so if I ever want to make a custom script, and I can get proficient at coding, I might actually be able to do it. However, I am hitting a point where I want to try things out by creating my own programs... something a useful or at least fun. Is there an app, website, etc. with ideas or projects for beginners to try out?

10/18/2016 1:03:12 PM


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Actually, I tracked Downs another thread with the same question & someone gave this website. It's exactly what I had in mind!


what many people including me started doing first is trying to make their own little calculator, just ad int input and string inputs for operation, and for loop if you want to repeat it. also you can go and type in google: python high school competition, primary school competition excercises, to check if there are any from competitions, if none of this is interesting to you, just tell me ill make you some cool ideas but also you will have to tell me how skilled you are


try n enter into competitions as well .....