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JavaScript CheatSheet + Resources

For anyone interested in expanding their Web Development skills, i highly recommend to bookmark the following page: excellent resource for those who wish to deepen their understanding of JavaScript ES6 CheatSheet React CheatSheet Node.JS Best Practices Guide for JS frameworks/libraries

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Great resource, i'm a big fan of ES6 features (my browser isn't friendly like me) Here another page i'm using to learn a bit more about this language: Bookmarked, thank you!


Great stuff 🤗


added link to an extensive guide of JS framework/libraries


@Maz just "a bit" as you said 😅😅


Regular expressions makes life easy, and used by both frontend developers(in validating forms) and backend (working with files, data streams etc) as well. An awesome Beginners 16 vid tutorial series byThe Net Ninja on RegEx In the end you d know how to make a simple yet awesome form as well with client side validation. is a handy online tool to practice regular expressions with many languages including Javascript


As always useful information thanks @Burey. Edit: Thanks to @Maz also


added node.js best practices link


found a good 10 min read on Inheritance, delegation patterns and object linking in JavaScript “JavaScript — Inheritance, delegation patterns and Object linking” also this article on prototype property complements the above article on JS's Prototypal Inheritance “JavaScript — Prototype” if above articles overwhelming then start from this first , then second one then first one

+16 My humble request: Whenever you have a new resource please post it here...


not a learning resource but a good trick that might help in debugging at console in chrome Dev tools , we can use css in the js console for text formatting. helps in pointing out major errors in console for big projects sadly it won't work on SoloLearn's console, will have to try at chrome ,( press F12 for Dev tools)


Asynchronous JavaScript gives me hard times specially with the async flow control, we use it very often but not realising that it's an asynchronous non-blocking task like in AJAX requests, callback functions Async flow control mechanisms explained with the async get requests in the below 3 variations awesomely # Callback functions( ok) # the new ES6 promises (better) # new ES6 Generators (awesome, has play and pause like feature for functions too) I ll highly suggest this short 5 video series by The Net Ninja on YouTube, as understanding this helps to clear path for many other things. I ll also suggest his other videos too if ur interseted , he taught me a lot of stuffs , and unlike many other YouTubers and course makers his concepts are very clear so he explains with ease too.


Wow, this is great! I am trying to use ES6 syntax as often as I can. This os a great resource


edit 20/10/2017 added ES6 cheat sheet


we don't have immutability in Js data structures ( objects and arrays mostly) . but making sure our objects and arrays don't behave abnormally we use a library called immutable.js but its documentation looks very tough to get started and play around. an awesome starters breakdown in this article and few reasons why immutability will help us write better code. “Immutable.js is intimidating. Here’s how to get started.” @WilliamWoodhead


for some cases where a function runs repeatedly then we can optimize the performance greatly by using simple caching mechanism also called as (memoization) lol , a new buzz word it just sounds super tough , see the code with a simple demo, and see the article for more use cases and better explanation.


Effective Javascript: 68 wasys to harness the power of Javascript -By David Herman ( book is reviewed and Foreward by creator of js Brendan Eich) A friend suggested me this book, I really enjoyed going through it helped to demystify a lot of existing doubts. Not a beginners book and needs atleast little bit JS knowledge to fully appreciate it coz its a compilation of neat tricks and practices with explanation but done in a real lucid manner.




Few cool recent javascript additions in ES 2016, 2017, 2018(draft) ES2016 : Object.prototype.includes, Exponent Infix operator( 7**2 instead of Math.pow(7,2)) ES2017: few new cool object properties, object.values(), Object.entries(), Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors, async/await with a simple example, string padding ES2018: currently in final draft and will be out in June or July 2018 Its awesome, SHARED MEMORY AND ATOMICS :-This is a huge, pretty advanced feature and is a core enhancement to JS engines. The main idea is to bring some sort of multi-threading feature to JavaScript so that JS developers can write high-performance, concurrent programs in the future by allowing to manage memory by themselves instead of letting JS engine manage memory. I couldnt understand a lot of stuffs but I salvaged what I could heres the complete medium link