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Submit answer without an answer

Pushing the "submit answer" button without choosing the right answer or entering a letter causes wrong answer in challenges. I noticed that when I accidentaly hit the button. I think it should come with a warning. What do you think?

9/24/2017 9:54:02 AM

Igor Makarsky

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Agree with you. I think, there must pop up warning like "You haven't submit any answer". Mail to Sololearn: [email protected]


Just few questions to you @Igor Makarsky, How do you distinguish between a "genuine" wrong answer and "accidental" wrong answer? How does the system need to learn about it? When do you want a warning to be sent/not sent?


me too hv lose xp many times ... just bcz i do every question as fast as i can ... before 1/4 of time ... so sometimes my fingers slip and i press sumbit and answer remained unmarked 😅 btw ... do u want java challenges ☺


I totally agree with you! Sometimes my phone just not recognozies that I Have clicked on the answer, but the submit button...


hm. I had a phone where actually I was not able to see the progress bar (in fact I didn't know it existed until i've changed phones) and on that one, if I just leaved the correct answer selected or written, and the time ran off, it would take it as correct. anyway. how exactly would you implement a warning message?


hey , don't mail them they are very busy ... first let them read my email ... then send them email


it actually happened for me a lot! it should warn if any input is not filled yet


I want a warning to be given after clicking the button like: "Are you sure you want to submit?" And when you leave some space empty, there should be a message: "You have left some blank spaces. Are you sure you want to submit?" Good idea of yours, I was thinking about it for some time.


yes, it could be a emtpy checker that alert that you have a blank field, please fill to submmit


sometimes net also goes down ... & i lose that question


Good idea! And sometimes you can write "bodu", but you want "body", for example


net signal is the problem for submitting answer without submit on it..