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LIMITATIONS: NO ARRAY, NO BUILT IN FUNCTION. An integer that has a min. number of 4 digits and max of 10 digits. Sample input: 1234567 Sample output: 7654321 please help me with this one ASAP.

10/16/2016 1:45:44 PM

Johannes Remotigue

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//using loops and recursion (2 methods ) ☺ //hope it helps ☺


I'll give you a rough sketch. Seperating the last digit from the others is as easy as dividing by 10: int a = 1234; int division = a / 10; // 123 int remainder = a % 10; // 4 You'll also need a total which will store the result. It starts out as 0, and during each iteration you do: total = total * 10 + remainder; And that's it. You do that in a loop until you've consumed all the digits. Try printing out the division, remainder, and total at each step so you get a feel for what's going on.


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