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How to develop algorithm thinking skill

I heard language has nothing to do with this true if yes till what extent?

9/22/2017 1:00:31 PM

Adithya Pai

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developing an algorithm thinking is similar to the plans we make in our real life example when you plan for a trip.. from scratch to reaching the place.. think from the scratch what you want, how and why you are using that procedure and finally the result how should it look. depends on the language you code the algorithm into program .but algorithm can be in your understandable language(English) happy coding😃


Surely, having a good understanding of the language you are working with and a full knowledge of it's concepts and functions, will definitly allow you to think of an algorithme that is optimised to do exactly what you want it to do without any waste of ressources. And also training your level in mathematics will give you a good logical thinking ability that will eventually help when programming.


Dcoder tons of problems for solving.


learn some computer science Inc classic\standard algorithms like bubble sort and binary chop etc