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Advanced Html

There are questions when I challenge higher levels that don't seem to be in the Html course. Is there an advanced course?

9/22/2017 11:50:18 AM

Ryan Pittman

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There was an update in closed beta which contained a feature called Lesson Factory. Its purpose is to allow user created lesson content. I am not sure on the release schedule but thought it was worth mentioning to you. There maybe more advanced HTML lessons if/when this update is released.


no.. there is not. well not here. challenge questions are submitted and voted on by the community. therefore more advanced questions have been added.


I am not sure. Someone here should be able to help you. I wouldnt pay for one that is not face to face. But that is just me. Someone else may be able to point you to a good paid online course.


Thank you. Is there a cheap alternative, preferably free, course online? The Internet is saturated with coding boot camps, are those the best option for my money?


Thank you. I thought I was missing a key component to this useful tool but I see now all of the courses seem to be fundamental only.


That would be awesome!


Is there easy coding games?


please say yes and tell me where