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Codeplayground suggestion

i work exclusively with the sololearn mobile app. i thought that most users did until i started reading through the codes you all post and comments here and there. it seems quite a few use sololearn on a pc i guess. what i have trouble with, is when i run a Codeoftheday or try to view posted codes that require user input, there is only a generic box stating: looks like the program requires input, enter it here i think there should be a way to add the program's stated prompt into that box.

9/19/2017 5:32:47 PM


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The major problem that comes along with the Code Playground is how you go about restricting it enough so that harm can't be done to anyone, clients or server. As you can imagine, if unrestricted access was given, there is a lot of mayhem we could cause with it.


oh i see. ya i can now imagine nefarious works going through that process... oh well then.


i understand the codeplayground is just something for beginners or testing things, but the more codes i look at, the more great work i see is being done within its constraints. it should at least have this functionality.