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Dear Solo Frieds, I have just moved to IOS to discover that there is no Sololearn App on IOS as Android .. I mean in GENERAL not only each course .. on android only one app for all courses and communication with others .. is there an idea or info about how to access all courses with out installing all apps only one ON IOS? Thanks

9/19/2017 6:59:27 AM

Muhammad M.Nasir

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there is a unified alpha version for IOS. later a beta may become available. if you want you can join that for testing. need to send them an email asking about that. apart from that wait for the unified stable app to launch on IOS. nothing else to do about the stable app on app store may take some time for it to become available. no such luck for stable unified now.


@Boj is it alpha version? you didn't get the badge for ?


Yes it's available, soon! πŸ˜‰ Related:


Finally I haaaave got it and this is my first answer from IOS :)


@Lana @Lord Krishna @Zypher Koo thanks alot i have sent the email :) that was so kind of you to share this info. i am still using android too as i am a facebook tester too on it.


I am using iOS version now


@Blade of Justice i did not get the invitation yet to use it but i have already sent a request