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Job Qualification

i have a question will learning codes and languages without a degree qualify a person to get a job like a good paying job? like a programmer or web designer ?

9/17/2017 6:27:08 AM

Rubendan Vanuden

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knowledge is a key to get a job not a diploma or certificate. so if you became a good developer even by solo learning you need two things 1-a good reference 2- portfolio a self learner is a hard learner and most of the time most interesting one so learn and be best, get experinced, develop projects and make some portfolio and references than follow these links



yeah , but that depends upon you skills .


make websites for yourself, school,friends, work even make them for free ; make small applications helping people and earn good reputation for good references think them as a brick of your portfolio and references; every brick you put on together will make your future.. . start your blog today!!!!!


what do you mean by good reference and portfolio how do you make a portfolio ?


you can try freelancing there you can take some online jobs but you have to be skilled