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Replacement of True or False with Numericals

>>> False == False or True True >>> False == (False or True) False >>> (False == False) or True True can anyone please help? if i replace the statement with numbers: print(1==1.0 or 2) print(2==(2 or 1)) print((2==2)or 1) the solution is true in all the cases but false in the 2nd case for the given example. why?

9/15/2017 11:19:43 AM

Abhishek Sarkar

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often in dev, False like 0 and all other value is True then 0 or 1 = 1 see wiki truth table - Logical disjunction (OR) with numbers, replace 1 by 0 and the result are similary than False and True


Hi, 1/ False == False or True like (False == False) or True so False == False result True then True or True => True 2/ False == (False or True) so (False or True) => True then False == True => False 3/ (False == False) or True so (False == False) => True then True or True => True


Thanks a lot for the answer, now I got the concept and it's clear to me. Just two more questions if you don't mind.. why(False or True)=> True, does true has a precedence over false? Secondly, what about the numbers, why do they all show as true?