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delete code comments

who can delete code comments 1 the author of the comment 2 moderator i think can someone else like the code author do it? i have seen some comments mysteriously disappear

9/14/2017 5:00:56 AM

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

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yeah if you want to delete some comment then you can delete


Moderators? ._. Why a moderator should delete code comments? Why people don't understand that we have no power at all, the only difference between a moderator (at least me) and you, is that my "Report" has a stronger "meaning".


delete code comments has been there for a while. previously i was unable to delete comments after some time had passed. then some time later some update made it possible to delete comments regardless of time frame for the code author.


author of code can delete viewer comments?


lol i noticed that when i asked a question about some code and ... it got deleted !


hum weird when was this implemented ?


@Maz but if mods will give to delete inappropriate things then it would be good because then their is no spam and bad things in the community


@Abdur, maybe everything disappears if the user is temporary or permanently banned?


@Abdur, author of the code and delete and report comments on the app.


the author and other who comment both can delete it and if some inappropriate comment then it will reported by moderators but they can't delete comment because they not give power to delete but i think they should give that power to mods which will decrease wrong things at sololearn


this is come with new updates and it is helpful too if some inappropriate comments are posted then you can delete that at your self


Only the coder...