Completed 12 SoloLearn Courses in 1 month even after doing 8 hours day job daily. When i challenge i never win i feel so stupid?

Coursers in sololearn are mere summary only even I can't answer simple echo strpos question in first challenge after completing php because it isn't included in sololearn php course. So I guess it's a nice reminder or brain teaser place for coders in SoloLearn. And I wonder what would be ways I can be perfect to be pro coder and create some useful apps, games or any add-on like softwares. Will I be perfect by time after practices or any other suggesting??? it would be very grateful for anyone suggests me???

9/13/2017 2:17:41 PM

Ronen Basumatary

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Frankly speaking, I only did all the languages and took part in challenges for xp and some fun. I focused on one language and still aim to master it. Others are nice to know about, but since I don't plan to be a programmer, I don't really put my attention to them. Learning by doing is the best way into this, I guess.


To win in the challenges , you first need to understand how a program actually works , just think of all possible situations in which a topic can be expanded and what could be the possible programs you can make out of it . If you can cope up with these all you can't lose in any challenge . On the other side there are many challenges that are not described in the courses but we are helpless in that case , you need to study out of sololearn to win in those challenges .


hey, ronen a very genuine problem, I ll suggest buying a good textbook


Keep challenging. At first, if you lose it's not any big deal. Slowly you will become invincible...




if you want to have a job you should have this too https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/514712/?ref=app links :))


hey @Ronen .. I now well what you say l tried the same. I finished 6 courses in half month and found myself have a little knowledge about these and losing challenges ... so the solution is .... #determine which field to work and the language to learn. #reset your progress in these languages (you will lose its xp and challenge history) #study again more careful with practice and examples (step by step ) #Don't take another course until you finish a complete programs by the current language... That's all .. (Time isn't important😉)


Most importantly, read comments even when you think you have understood the code. you may see over 100 comments about a simple code. some are questions, some are answers while some are examples and putting the code to practice. The codes in sololearn are summarised, I use comments to understand them and not memorise them. The number of programs you completed is not a function of your understanding. hope this helps


Do one thing now complete all the courses from Code Avengers. ...Code School. Treehouse. ...LearnStreet. ...Udacity. ...CodeHS. ...Khan Academy. Be a master of none. And then work at McDonald's.


the dificult learn is challenge. you will get much knowledge when you often challenge the one whose level greater than you. i think like that :-)


I think you should be expert in one then move to the other. And of you wanna be a good programmer don't depend to much in sololearn, their are a lot of nice pdf for programmers online, you just have to google it.


reset the progress' , then complete courses again and take a lot of challenges and don't forget to read the corrections . take some courses out of sololearn and reading a book still better !


Well I have reset HTML, java, ruby, php today....


Loses give more experience. You should continue playing despite loses


You shouldn't change your programming language more frequently than you change your clothes while you're still in the "beginner" phase. You need to stick with one and *actually* learn its curves and edges, not just glance at them, think you know them, and move on. When you bounce from one language to another, your attention gets pulled in several directions and your mind starts a memory dump to keep up with what you're trying to accomplish. This leads to forgetting or mixing up important aspects of the languages and leaves you with little to no progress to reflect your effort. In short: Slow your roll, code comrade. Since you've had a healthy sampling of the languages, pick the one that speaks to you the most and work with it until you're able to explain its nuances to yourself without prompting/hints. *Then* you can move on.


SoloLearn is a great tool with a wonderful and supportive community, but the best way to learn is by building. I use Sublime text editor and XAMPP stack (that's a cross-platform stack for your local machine). Both are free and relatively easy to install and work with. Use them to build pages. From there you can can work your way up to things like learning Java and Android Studio. That will allow you to embark on more complicated projects.


And thanks coders... I think I have got enough info... no more suggestings... I really appreciate that.