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Best coders on SL!

suggest me cool codes and maybe I will add them to the code :D btw you can suggest your own codes :D

9/13/2017 2:08:44 PM


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I suggest Krishna Teja Andrew Grider Uttarakhash Abdur Rahmaan Janhangeer Burey Maz Ace Hatsy Paola Serena kuba Karl. T Kamil dev <^>Washika D<^> Nikky Amresh visph Gavin Christian Gami coding sloth the other one Andre Santos CelebHM P R


just go through the most popular/trending codes nice ide btw


Good work AL


ok nice thx ^^


Kamil thx :)


@Kamil I will add one of you code later , 2018 countdown :)


added :D


Nice thanks :D, my suggestion would be to add links to every code ^^


There are already tons of threads like this.


#00FF00 , thx , I will check those ACC later , I'm very busy right now :)


@Apoorva , thank you so much :D


@Karl , oh i'm sorry I didn't wanted to spam :( , I just wanted from you to help me choose the best coders


thank you everyone , you can keep send your answers :D


maz Tiyam burry Andrew grider suyash purwar milky amresh gami very Hard All.the.flame etc......