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ASP.NET Web Application

Is ASP.NET Web Application widely used nowdays or alternative choices are preferred?

9/12/2017 5:04:49 PM


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I'm a full-stack .NET software engineer. There are tons of jobs available for .NET devs. Especially enterprise dev jobs, and those are typically the most secure positions. Lots of opportunities all around for .NET.


I'm not sure about other frameworks like Django, Ruby on Rails or even Spring. But I always proud to mention that StackOverflow was powered by ASP.NET when somebody throw cold water on me. 😉


@Kouzouman It's because most startups or companies prefer other open-source technologies with minimum to none licenses fee unlike Microsoft. One notable example would be the LAMP stack.


Oh wait... DOH! I just realized you were asking specifically about ASP.NET and not just .NET. I have to apologize for not answering your specific question about ASP.NET. So... while I believe there is a strong demand for ASP.NET MVC development, I think there is a higher demand for ASP.NET Web API development. For me, in particular, it's been about 3 or 4 years since I last worked on an ASP.NET MVC application. This is primarily because I prefer an architecture whereby the client application is decoupled from the server application. This allows us to build RESTful API services that can be consumed by various client apps like a ReactJS website, mobile apps (native, transpiled, or hybrid), or other APIs and so on. However, if I was to work on a server side MVC website, ASP.NET MVC Razor is pretty amazing.


Thanks to @David C for another great sharing! 😄👍


I've been professionally programming since .NET was first released and my personal experience is .NET opportunities have typically been higher paying and longer lasting than the many other languages I develop in. Since I also enjoy working in other languages, I will take on 2 or 3 smaller projects as side work with a rate about 1/2 to 2/3 the rates I get for. NET development. Of the 4 to 6 solid job opportunities presented to me each week, 4/5 will be .NET related. Again, this is simply my experience and certainly not meant to be considered anything more than anecdotal.


where there VisualStudio there is ASP.Net able..


Didn't get that with the cold water