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Will bitcoin be the future of currency?

i'm reading a lot of articles about bitcoin being the next thing,digitally, in terms of currency. So is it relevant that it will replace physical currency in the future and be the norm? What do you think SoloLearners?

9/12/2017 12:02:40 PM

Joe McMillan

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one can get multiple answer by just typing bitcoin on google. but from past years world has seen tremendous rise in demand of bitcoin setting up unexpectable record in world of cryptocurrency. I think bitcoin will rule the world of digital currency in near future and someday it can also replace physical currency. thanks for question.


I think chessmonster your views should also be taken in consideration. one can also seek interest in ethereum currency. however nowadays it is only cryptocurrency which has potential to compete bitcoin. thank you.


Bitcoin laid the foundation, and it's not yet finished. Some company will probably copy their algorithm or improve their existing work. Agree with the thing about Microsoft, maybe they even acquired the people who originally work for bitcoin.


I doubt Bitcoin will ever be the dominating currency. There are still many flaws, and the last time they tried to fix one, it split. I think that the blockchain will revolutionize currency, but it won't be Bitcoin. I think it more plausible that the ethereum blockchain becomes widespread. Especially because big tech companies (Microsoft included) have taken an interest in it with the "Ethereum Project".