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Programmer vs Designers? Which makes software more AWESOME!

As im a programmer.I do feel the Importance to Design,but do the best Design also may Suffers some programming issues ?

9/11/2017 4:23:14 AM

Riyad Arshad

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Brain without beauty or beauty without brain? everyone has their own preference, however a combination of the two makes a almost perfect score. Don't forget, without a good kind heart brain and beauty still don't count that much, so I guess they all come together to make the "perfection". Brain : Good code Beauty : Good design Heart : Good use (benefits) offered to the people Just saying though,


good topic. I have to admit I myself prefer designers.they make the app more comfortable to use and they job would help attract usesrs , too. but it is a fact that a good design wont exist without programmers and coding. so let to me change my idea :Both.


At one point I also realize design is always more important than programming. Imagine a nice looking mobile game Vs a top notch programming mobile game, which will attract more users?


programmers write code and make structure of app, designers are make app more beautiful. IMHO, there is no differences behind programmers and designers.


obviously programmers


designer = painter = drawer , even 3D models , it dead and unable to move like corpse , we Programmer marionette those dead bodies. I admit , I died / failed for making game because lack of models / graphics long years ago , but after I realize the life is in the code , my life goes on , just performance of code functionality come first , then display topping come latest on. you can manipulate text color / bg color / position of object you made after all , like spin / rotate / slide / bounce , whenever you feel fit or suitable for the app.