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Some tips for solo learners:-

--> Stick with one course. Complete it and then move on --> Make note of important topics so that you can revise later --> Don't jump to another topic unless u understand a topic completely --> Post questions about hard topics and get answers from others. It will help understand the topic better --> Go through comments section in every page --> Practice every code in the Code playground --> Compete with your friends using code challenge Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance. Happy coding friends.

9/10/2017 6:28:24 PM

Jayachandran P

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do not confuse hatsy with hasty


I would say that implementing the stuff from the topics you learn into your own codes will let you understand it completely. If you dont do that, the topic might be forgotten soon


Nice list, only one thing to add: --> Don't ask questions that lack a description (very annoying)


Refer to another sources also to understand a topic


Once you've gone through a course. Do a bunch of challenges related to that course. When you get answers wrong there's a link that lets you see the right answer. Take time to learn why you got it wrong and how to get it right. I've found that I learn things better when I make mistakes and then learn from them than when I just read through the course. I also second what has been said about actual coding. Writing/debugging programs is also a great way to learn from your mistakes. If you spend hours trying to figure out why your code isn't working correctly you bet you'll learn something from it.


note it into one, all the knowledge you learn from the comment section and the material solo learn teach you


thanks, try to do one course 🤗


I would say to practice also make a code with the lesson you learn.


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Here are some that I use: •As soon as you complete a module/encounter something you don't understand during any course, visit for additional information. •Try to write a piece of code everyday, either a time-pass short-term project or a long-term advanced project. This is useful because when you're coding everyday, you are basically revising what you just learned. •Show your certificate to others as soon as you complete a course, whenever they praise you, you get motivated. •Keep Flashcards in your pocket just in case you forget some attributes of an element, forget how to get info from a HTML form, e.t.c. •Always Check you weekly leaderboard and strive for a new goal every week. Hope this helped! Happy Coding!


practice makes better


Thanks, this is really useful, good advice👍


--> try to read people codes from code playground after completing a course


Nice suggestion bhai 👍👍


Its really helpfull 👍good job 👏


Nice tips, Thanks


- Take it easy - It is absolutely ok if you do not remember everything you learnt. - Programming is about BUILDING projects not a memory championship. - Learn programming best practices from the beginning - Sharpen your skills by building real projects.


nice and helpful


Don't learn the things.... 😂 just do serious practice


These questions are good for interview but after learning and practise in pc we should come here at the beginning for improve and judge ourselves because we can't find everything here.