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Discussion Starters

Some people out there ask questions just to gain popularity and upvotes. That means the people who ask real questions are at the bottom and are less likely to be answered. One solution for this is that if you want to discuss something, only add the 'discussion' tag to your question. That way, the questions are separated from the discussions and we can help more people. Another way is that SoloLearn creates a new tab where people ask real questions. If you think this is a growing problem, try to answer to real questions. That means that the discussions will be low in popularity and the real questions can be answered.

9/9/2017 6:18:05 PM


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I'm not asking for upvotes and comments, I just want you guys to stop being a part of discussions. Try to help answer at least one person with a real question per day.


Actually, it will because if someone wants to be a part of a discussion, then he will just have to search up 'discussion'. But I know what you mean.


I see people posting non questions for upvotes but not an actual question. Putting a tag in isnt going to change the position or quantity of the questions/question flow but by your logic shouldnt this post have that tag?


It's always such a gray area with these ambiguous rules, some posts get criticised and down voted for not being a question and then some get to the trending page for not being a question. It's frustrating to see it all the time.


You're right