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Do you want less 'Maths' question in challenge? I do

i just try a java challenge and every question was about "what the output of this code?" it was not Java it was just maths .. i want more questions about the langage itself and less about general maths (the same thing happend with python) i think its a real problem .. what do you think about it ?

9/9/2017 10:01:10 AM

Zit Zittoun

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yes , iam with you. because JavaScript challenges have the same questions "what's the output of this code" .😓


MobPsycho??? the problem isnt the difficulty but when i choose a Java challenge i want question about java not just maths problems to resolve, i think they should put a maths section instead




translate please!


lol so you guys prefer selecting 1 out of 4/3 answers and depending on luck instead of learning one of the most important skills in Programming ? I do agree math questions arent easy but thats the cool part of it: Screenshotting the question and then taking your time resolve it so next time you can understand and calculate faster is worth the effort